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The FAB Advisory Board is elected by the general membership at each World Congress. In addition to the Advisory Board, FAB has a network of Country Reps who serve as contacts and coordinators for FAB-related activities in their respective countries. They announce FAB-related forthcoming events, projects, and local developments and encourage FAB members in their country to participate in FAB-related activities in their country and elsewhere.

FAB  Advisory Board for 2018-2020

Co-Chairs of FAB Advisory Board

Co-Coordinator   – Vikki Entwistle (UK)   

Co-Coordinator     –   Catherine Mills (AUS)


FAB Officers (Ex officio members of FAB Advisory Board)

Membership Secretary                                               – Angela Ballantyne (NZ)

Treasurer                                                                      – Lisa Campo-Engelstein (US)

Assistant Treasurer                                                      – Elizabeth Victor (US)

Website & Listserv Manager                                      – Elizabeth Victor (US) 

Archivist                                                                       – Monique Lanoix (CAN)

Country Representatives Coordinator                      – Anita Ho (CAN)

Grants Coordinator                                                    – Vasiliki Petousi (GR)

IJFAB Co-Editor                                                          – Jamie Nelson (US)

Immediate Past Co-Coordinator                               – Jamie Nelson (US)

Liaison with IAB                                                          – Anna Gotlib (US)


Elected Members of FAB Advisory Board

Kirstin Borgenson (CAN)

Emma Tumilty (NZ)

Teresa Celada (US)

Dafna Feinholz (MEX)

Anna Gotlib (US)

Isabel Karpin (AUS)